Stay hungry, stay foolish – Part 1

In 2005 Steve gave the commencement address to the graduating class of Stanford University. The advice Steve borrowed and was giving to the Stanford graduates was to “Stay hungry, stay foolish!” How can this phrase influence you?

The Three A’s – Part 3: Affability

Are you nice to your customers? Who isn’t? But are you affable? In the speed of today’s business world being pleasant, friendly or sociable is a luxury many business owners feel that they just can’t afford. Chuck reviews why cleaners and restorers need a little bit of “bedside manner”.

The destructive results of “Owner Arrogance”

It takes a healthy self-confidence to open and run a small business today. But Chuck Violand reminds you to not let this confidence morph into destructive pride and arrogance.

Does your business suffer from “Boiling Frog Syndrome”?

Chuck Violand reflects on the sad fact that most small enterprises are not destroyed by fierce competition or outside forces such as a sour economy. No, the rot comes from within. Read on for an orientation on this insidious danger …