Capture your employee’s creative ideas

Maybe wise King Solomon said it best:  “In a multitude of counselors there is accomplishment.”  

And yes, wise entrepreneurs eagerly embrace advice and counsel- especially from their employees.

When you encourage AND act on ideas from others you not only get “free consulting”. You also give “Positive Recognition” to your employees which is incredibly motivating. So make it easy for your employees to share…

Include on your tech’s Production Day Sheet a “Suggestion Box” where they list out ideas, observations, suggestions and yes- even their gripes! Success in business (just like a family) is based on good communication.

NOTE:  A Production Day Sheet gives techs their “day at a glance”. This Day Sheet lists all their jobs on one page along with essential notes from the office. It also allows them to write in their arrival and departure time (which adds Employee Accountability), the amounts earned on each job and any “sell-ups” they sold.

You don’t use a Day Sheet in your company? Really? Then download the SFS Production Day Sheet for free HERE.

Nothing builds the essential “Team Concept” better in your company than employees feeling like they are a valuable part of a group working toward a common vision.  You simply can’t give your people too much “Positive Recognition”!

So when you do get a filled out “Suggestion Box” be sure to a) personally thank the employee, b) follow up on the idea and c) if you implement the suggestion (no surprise here!) publicly recognize, praise and reward your Team Member at your next staff meeting.


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