Painting Your Success- Part 2

Last week we examined the incredible privilege we have of “painting our success” by choosing our life and the actions we take.  WONDERFUL!  But now enters The Critic- the villain of our series!

That’s right- The Critic overlays our mental/emotional palette with the dark shadow of self-doubt!  The Critic’s subliminal statements such as, “No!  Not now!  Too soon!  They won’t like it! Etc, etc, etc” and other negative statements will erode our confidence, creativity and the simple “joy of life” that the French are so justly proud of! So lets talk about YOU…

This mental/emotional “palette of choices” is yours by birthright.  YOU have a choice to paint with the positive thoughts to propel you to great heights OR you can choose to allow The Critic to control your mental palette.  When you place The Critic in control your success will be painful, limited or even non-existent.  And happiness?  Fugedaboudit!

Here’s the challenge- no one can never totally eradicate The Critic.  Instead, to attain greatness one must “harness The Critic”- stifling the doubts which create a miasma of indecision which causes us to waiver and waffle.  For example…

How often have you witnessed malicious whispers about an individual who was wrongly marked as one who was too incompetent to succeed? Innumerable stories are told about persons who witnessed the onset of greatness only to turn away in disbelief when the supposedly untalented did in fact achieve success!  It can and will happen for you!

So next week we’ll analyze 3 examples of the power of creating your own destiny …

Ivan Turner

ivan-turnerSFS Restoration Columnist Ivan Turner is owner of Aero-Dry, a central Missouri water and fire damage restoration company. Ivan has also packaged his unique restoration strategies and offers them to other restorers through his Show-Me Marketing Solutions.

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