Painting Your Success- Part 1

Imagine a blank canvas. Now think of all of the different shades of color that you could use: reds, blues, shades of grey (maybe even more than fifty!) and an infinite variety of more colors. Now envision the picture you could paint with the incredible choices available.

So will your picture be a depiction of reality? Or will you create something totally original and potentially great? Art is a mindset and so is your definition of success in your life. Simply put, how you approach any project, business plan or even life itself is dependent upon the
variables introduced by your personal palette.

Every day we wake up with two choices. We can examine a marvelously blank canvas giving us the incredibly great opportunity and privilege to construct our very own reality. OR we can be confronted (and defeated) by The Critic!  (Introduce ominous theme music here!)

We’ll tackle The Critic next week and yes, there will be “Blood on the Tracks”! Let’s just make sure it isn’t your blood!

Ivan Turner

ivan-turnerIvan has packaged his unique restoration strategies and offers them to other restorers through his Show-Me Marketing Solutions.

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