Strategies for Success Seminar- July, 2012 (Jon-Don Seattle, WA)

Strategies for Success Seattle (July, 2012)

Chuck, Bill, Steve. World class team! By far the greatest class I’ve taken. Bill it was good to see you again, Chuck, nice to have met you. You run a tight ship! Steve, nice to have met you after all these years of our paths crossing online, and thank you for putting up with me for 3 days.
All three of you have given me a lifetime of tools and insight. I thank you all for being the best at what you do!

Don Becker
Platinum Professional Carpet Cleaning

There is no other program or business coach in the industry that will do more to systematize your marketing your financials, your operations or your future success, period!!! The best part, there are no ulterior motives, or back of the room fire sales. You and your company will never be the same.

Jeremy Higley
Ultimate Carpet Cleaning

I will recommend SFS to others. It has been an inspiring week, equipping one with the tools to take their business HIGHER. Chuck actually made financial “fun”. The guidelines are very valuable and will be very helpful. The employee information gave us cofirmation and clearer objectivity on what we must do in this area. Day 2’s detailed instructions on Hub Marketing was most valuable to me.

Melissa Roesch
Maxcare of Washington, Inc.

I attended the SFS seminar to take my company to the next level. This class has been very valuable. I have learned how to run my business and others will learn this too.

Parmesh Chetty
Hydro Carpet Cleaning

I had heard so many great things about the program from others who have take it. The information will be immediately useful to me in watching our numbers and making needed adjustments. You learn to make your business WORK and how to run it more effectively. In the past I had learned what i could from other business owners regarding reading our financials. I loved how Chuck walked us through it step-by-step and provided his help! In addition, in the past we’ve had many employee issues and now we know WHY and won’t make those same mistakes again! I loved the program from the start of the day on until the end. I kept thinking- “This is so great. I’m glad I’m here!”

Allani Pfeiffer
Xander Enterprises LLC

I received more information than I ever expected on the first day of class. Many new business owners don’t know where to start. This seminar shows them the way.

Kelly Lewis
Kelly Cleaning

I give Steve’s expertise and presentation skills 5 STARS. The Strategies for Success class is A to Z for a successful Carpet Cleaning Co. I wish I knew about it 10 years ago.

Esther Stein
Continental Carpet Care

I plan to implement the concepts on “Anchor Pricing” right away. The brisk pace of the class is great and I appreciate being moved back on track. Thank you.

Seth Poulson
Pur Clean

The Value Added Service concepts were off the charts! This class was a real treat and I feel truly blessed to have been part of it! Thank you for your hard work and ample generosity.

Bob Pfeiffer
Xander Enterprises LLC

Steve is a world class communicator. The seminar has been amazing. Honestly I can’t believe that A) all this information has been compiled and made available in one place, and B) the test for the course is such a value.

J Young
Northwest Professional Service

Everything was great. I really enjoyed and benefited from the interactive scenario skits. As a restorer I found very valuable the Value Added Service concepts on how to sell ourselves to Insurance Agents and Adjusters. Not only did I recieve a lot of great tools, I feel like I can actually USE those tools.

Jamie Gavin
North Idaho Flood & Fire

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  1. It’s already been a month since attending SFS! The time has gone so fast because we’ve been busy as little bees getting the news out about our new “Stay Beautiful” program as well as the Spot & Spill Warranty. It was no secret that by the end of the SFS week, I was already in love with Steve… and now, a month later… I love him even more!! THANK YOU SO MUCH STEVE (I can’t say it enough). Already we’ve been seeing wonderful results from putting into use the new things we learned! 🙂 <>
    Pfeiffer’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

  2. Hey Allani,
    I shared your comments with Sioux. She says hi and to tell you she was MUCH more worried when she thought the first comment was from Bob! Please keep sharing with us your progress and we’d even love to see “your story” in our SFS Success Stories section.


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