The best (and cheapest) employee motivation? Recognition!

Your challenge?  Motivating your employees in the eternal pursuit of “Making the Cheerleader”!  You as an owner or manager instinctively realize why developing these delighted “unpaid salespeople”  is so essential. But the average tech won’t buy in to the Customer Cheerleader concept … UNLESS there is something in it for them!

The simplest, easiest and certainly cheapest motivational method is practiced by the Armed Forces of the world.  They motivate their soldiers with an age-old technique called “recognition among their peers”.  Soooo …

Every time you find a happy customer in your next-day Quality Check calls or receive a gushing Customer Comment card (or a delighted customer review on your web-site or by email)  give your employee sincere recognition and commendation.

How to give recognition?  Use this three step “Recognition Procedure”:

1) As soon as you learn about the newly created Customer Cheerleader personally thank the employee as you refer to a copy of the delighted customer’s comments.  Be specific in your praise.

2) Publicly commend the technician in your next company staff meeting and enter their customer’s comments in your “Comment of the Week” contest.

3) Post the customer’s review on your company’s “Wall of Fame”.  (Or a simple bulletin board.)

BONUS TIP:  Get silver dollars from your bank before your regular staff meeting. Throw one silver dollar to every employee for each Cheerleader they’ve made!  (No, its not “free” but a “buck a Cheerleader” is a cheap and fun way to reward and recognize your techs for their great customer service.)

Remember- it’s not just about the money. It’s the fun, the showmanship and the constant daily reminder of what is really important in your company.  (I always say in SFS, “Make the Cheerleader and everything else takes care of itself.”  And it does!)

So find what Cheerleader motivational techniques work for your people and stick with them through thick and thin. (Don’t forget Jon-Don’s one day Value Added Service for Technicians seminar.)


P.S: On the other hand if you just can’t get your people motivated to “Make the Cheerleader” maybe it’s time to find a new employee(s)!

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