Jon-Don’s new Denver Super Store is now open!

Sure, it is a challenging economy out there.  (Well, duh!)  But thanks to our customers, Jon-Don keeps on growing.  In fact, we’ve just officially opened a new Jon-Don Super Store at 420 Bryant Street in Denver, Colorado on Monday, October 31st!

Jason Leitner

So why not stop by and meet our Denver manager, Jason Leitner?  Jason is a high energy individual 100% focused on our customer’s success.  In fact, his favorite saying is, “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

We recently asked Jason what he liked most about working at Jon-Don.  He said, “I love the ‘educating culture’ of Jon-Don.  All of us Jon-Don employees are constantly encouraged to help our customers.”

So what does that mean in practice?  Jason continued:  “We actually WORK with our customers to ensure their success. Rarely a day goes by where I (or one of my team) do not walk a customer through a scenario they are having problems with. It could be as simple as removing a difficult spot, or as in depth as an upcoming marketing promotion. We really like to get down in the trenches with our clients!”

So if you need some “help down in the trenches” you need to get to know Jason and his new Denver team!  You’ll see Orion Robinson, Denver’s new inside sales person and Jeff Banas, our warehouse manager pictured below.  Find directions and contact information for our Denver Jon-Don store right here.

Orion Robinson
Jeff Banas

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