“SFS is a great course for ANY service industry business!”- Zach Knight

I really enjoy the weekly SFS QuickTips you send out and they do work!  I have recently purchased an additional business and while it’s not directly in the cleaning industry I am implementing a lot of the things that I learned at Strategies. SFS really is a great course for ANY service industry business!  Thanks for all y’all do!

Here is something that I picked up on based on concepts I learned from SFS.  At Christmas we sent a gift to our local supplier that we use for a lot of our paper goods.  (The nearest Jon-Don is sadly 197 miles from my front door!)  This local supplier is a great guy and I did it because I wanted to say thanks.

The next time I was by his location picking up some things the supplier said it was the first time in the 20 plus years he has been in business that a customer had done something for him!  AMAZING!  We already had a great relationship with this supplier and he refers us a good amount of work.  However, now I KNOW when someone asks who to use in our service sector we will likely be getting a call!

It’s easy to forget to simply thank the people (suppliers, vendors, etc.) that we are cutting a check to at the end of each month.  It is crucial to remember that these folks are “dovetailing” with a lot of people that we want to do business with ourselves!

Thank you again,

Zach Knight
So Simple Facility Service Solutions

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