How much do you charge to be a SFS “member”?


I discovered this SFS website last year and have become a daily visitor. It has been a huge help in how I do business.

I want to attend SFS but the daily parade of problems keeps me from investing the time and money to do so. However, I keep seeing references to becoming a “SFS member”. Can you tell me how I sign up for “membership”, how much it costs and then how much I have to pay per year to keep on getting the benefits of
SFS membership?

And thanks so much for this website!

Just Wondering in South Dakota

Dear Wondering,

Thank you so much for your daily support. We try to add in resources to this SFS site almost every day. I feel it really is a treasure trove of information. And yes, you honestly should attend our Strategies for Success seminar- whatever it takes!

Jon-Don really does subscribe to the old fashioned idea of getting down in the trenches and actually helping our customers become successful. That is why we call our entire customer support program “Partners for Success”. And that is why almost our entire SFS site is open and totally free to every cleaner. (And wanna-be cleaners too!)

Now if you want to download the free Special Reports and/or any of our Practical Paperwork forms you need to fill out a very simple, one-time-only site registration form. You will choose your own username and password plus type in your email and business zip code. Then choose the “Remember Me” box at log in and you will be logged in every time you come to this site.

NOTE:  Why do we ask for your business zip code? Because every Tuesday I send you our SFS QuickTIP– just one little idea to implement in your company. We include in this email a “resources box” alerting you to upcoming educational opportunities at your nearest Jon-Don store. But let me emphasize you will never be spammed from your QuickTIPS signup and we will only send you the one QuickTIPS weekly email- nothing more. (Check out our archive of QuickTIPS.)

Now to become (and stay) a full-fledged SFS “Member for Life” you will need to pay … (drum roll please!) NOTHING! That’s right- nothing! The ONLY way to become a SFS member is to invest five days of your life and attend Strategies for Success.

Once you attend SFS, Wondering, then you automatically become a SFS Member for Life and this privilege is free, free, free!  We don’t even require that you maintain any buying level with Jon-Don. (Even though Papa Nick Paollela says he sure appreciates any business you choose to send his way!)

At the SFS seminar you receive over 1,200 pages of systems and procedures of a Business Infrastructure to make our SFS concepts a reality in your business. Even better, you get all of these systems in digital format so you can customize this “business in a box” to fit your company.

But wait- there’s more!  As a SFS Member you also get MORE systems and procedures four times a year plus Big Billy Yeadon and I consult for free with all of our members. (Of course, just like you did Wondering, anyone can write my “Steve’s Bleeding Hearts Club” advice column and I’ll do my level best to help you for free!)

So in a nutshell, Wondering, you can’t “pay” to become a SFS member. You must “invest” five days of your life and attend a Strategies for Success seminar. And then you automatically become a SFS Member for Life for FREE and we’ll happily serve you forever! (By the way, here’s the 2012 SFS schedule.)

Meanwhile, many of our SFS concepts and even a lot of our systems and procedures are on this website and yep- you guessed it- they are all free. At Jon-Don we really do want to be your “Partner for Success”!

Steve Toburen

NOTE: I hate the “suck you in to a seminar with lots of glib promises and then make you pay-more-to-learn-more high pressure garbage” so common out there in this industry today. When you attend SFS you’ll find everything is included and everyone is treated like a king! There are no special clubs, levels or special privileges to pay for. I promise!

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