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Steve Toburen
Steve Toburen

We’ve all been there … Your best employee quits without notice at the worst moment possible!  And our latest job includes a “customer from hell”.  And now you’re afraid to even open that official looking and ominous letter from the IRS!  Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger!  All these nightmares (and worse) have happened to all of us at some point or another.

Wouldn’t it be great if expert help was available at the click of a mouse? So review all the sob stories found here first.  Then give us a chance to help your own unique problem

3 thoughts on “Steve’s “Bleeding Hearts” Advice Column Directory”

  1. Ok so I am new to this site but have read and learned so much already. I think I have a bleeding heart question. I studied the carpet cleaning on and off for 10 years. I fially went out and self purchased my outfit. I was doing really well when I lived in California and now I have relocated. I am haveing a hard time getting my business back on its wand. I have went to many commercial and apartment complexes as well as lots of advertisement. No Luck!!! Most of them already have their perfered cleaners and dont want to change. I also see all these vans driving around advertising cheap carpet cleaning $10.00 a room. So do I stoop to their level and be happy I am getting business or do I sit back and wait???

    Looking for help

  2. Thank you steve , last Friday I sold my maintenance program for customers for to clean carpet , now 3 times a year and they want to pay monthly , thank you for everything 🙂

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