How can I reward productive employees?

The question: How can I empower, motivate and reward productive employees when they are more efficient in residential cleaning?

Steve’s answer: Implement an Employee Efficiency Bonus plan BUT proceed slowly and carefully!

reward productive employees

Hi Steve!

I’ve been reading your weekly QuickTIPS and this SFS website for the past two years and am consistently inspired by your content. I own a residential cleaning service in London, England. We don’t offer carpet cleaning (yet!) however a lot of your tips and information are applicable to my business.

Steve, I really want to roll-out a “gain-sharing’/Open Book” management plan within my company. The reason for this is to empower, motivate and reward productive employees for improved efficacy as well as bringing in additional revenue.

I’m wondering if you have any experience in this area? Looking forward to hearing from you!

Looking for Help in London

Hi Looking,

I’m always grateful when entrepreneurs find the value in our work here at SFS. On the “adding accountability” theme (which I totally believe in) just download this Special Report HERE.

I understand you want to reward productive employees (not just punish them!) (This is a most worthy and excellent concept!) So I strongly recommend an Employee Efficiency Bonus system.

However, I would urge you to proceed slowly and carefully on this ​subject. There are important legal questions involved in making any Employee Compensation changes. (I know nothing of British labor law!)

Even more importantly, Looking, when you change evaluation/compensation methods ​you will probably encounter employee Emotional Resistance.  Surprisingly, your best workers can be suspicious of your motives. This is true even when you have their best interests at heart! “No good deed goes unpunished” and all that!

NOTE: Simply put, working with and helping your employees is by far the most challenging part of the cleaning and restoration industry! (Don’t ask me how I learned this!)

​And of course you will want to focus even harder on your finances BEFORE making changes. You for sure don’t want to change your employee’s compensation AGAIN!​ (It is extremely “de-motivating” to your staff when you constantly are fiddling with their compensation!) NOTE: We get “down and dirty” on Job Costing in our SFS seminar. Check out all of the different links here and then please write with more questions.


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