How can I get my carpet cleaning techs to upsell?


Good morning, Steve,

What is a good commission for protector sales for my technicians?  I am in the dark on this. One of my techs just has not had any carpet protector sales as far back as I can remember.  How do I change this? I was on the truck today and sold 3 Scotchgard applications with hardly any effort. My guy is a hard worker and a good carpet cleaner.  He has all the necessary aids to sell Scotchgard.  But he just is not doing it!  What gives?

Tired of Dealing With Unmotivated Employees in Oklahoma

I feel your pain, Tired.  Here are a few thoughts on how to ramp up your up-sells with your front line techs:

1. Big, and I mean big, commissions. Can’t afford them? Charge more for the protector.  Many of our SFS members have increased their protector prices by 20% BUT doubled the commission they pay their techs for selling it in the field.  In the past the old industry standby was to pay 10%.  Now many of our members are paying 20-25% for up-sells that happen on-site.  The result?  Everybody (including YOU) make more money!

NOTE:  This tactic also takes the pressure off of you re: employee raises.  Now if they want more money GREAT!  You just say, “Sell more protector, Charlie, and you can ‘earn your own raise’!”

2. Give your people “Don’t Forget Scotchgard™” buttons. Note: Just call your Jon-Don sales rep and they’ll send you Scotchgard buttons free.

3. Give your techs the tools to sell. Prepared demo blotter ‘test cards’, protector brochures, etc.

4. Give them the time to up-sell. This is the #1 reason most techs don’t sell more. We work them too hard by always “shoehorning” in another job.

5. Give them the training. Do skits and practice sessions in the shop.

6. Have a monthly contest for up-selling protector.

7. Most importantly, teach your people HOW to AFO.  (Ask for the order.)  Here is what they should say, “Mrs. Jones, would you like me to RENEW your carpet protection after the cleaning?”

Just a few ideas, Tired, that worked for me …  🙂   For lots more, download my free Special Report “Up-Selling on the Home Front” for many more up-selling ideas.

OR if you are tired of fighting with your people on this let us do it for you.  Our Value Added Service for Technicians (VAST) seminar includes an entire section for your employees on how to sell in the home.


P.S. Or you can admit that techs are NEVER going to be salespeople and start selling the protector when you do the initial pre-inspection. The increased protector sales will more than pay for the cost of the extra trip and your employee’s time.

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