Hungry for Commercial Accounts?

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Dear Steve,

I’m now working on implementing commercial marketing plan from my SFS Operations Manual.  My first goal is to pick up some regular monthly accounts.

What type of accounts did you find to need regular monthly cleanings?  I would imagine restaurants would be included, but any other types of businesses?

By the way, implementing SFS principles has had a very positive impact on my business this year!

Hungry in Denver

Dear Hungry,

First, congratulations in expanding your services and focus.  The old adage of not having all your eggs in one basket applies not just in tough times but in reality should always be a guiding principle for your company.

Yes, restaurants are great, especially locally owned ones.  But in my company we also targeted bars, retail stores (zone them into high use areas, don’t clean everything each month), doctor’s offices, clinics, realtors, etc.  The important thing is to get out there each and every week and make twenty new contacts in your “Dedicated Sales Morning”.

Go here and download my free Special Report imaginatively titled “Selling Commercial Cleaning” for a step by step system on how to implement your DSM.

Oh, and by the way, thanks for being a Cheerleader for SFS.


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