Creating Cheerleaders through courteous driving …

Sometimes we can get so obsessed with creating POSITIVE Moments of Truth (MOT’s) we forget all about avoiding the NEGATIVE MOT’s.  (Remember that it takes 12 positive MOT’s to recuperate from just one negative MOT!)

Obviously you’ll get a great ROI by focusing on Procedures that help your employees AVOID negative Moments of Truth. And yet…

Sadly as I write thousands of negative Moments of Truth are being created by thoughtless techs recklessly speeding to their next job!  Do NOT let your carpet cleaning/restoration technicians be among them!

Instead, build a ‘culture of courtesy’ among every employee driving a company vehicle. For example…

When approaching an intersection in a company van, always stop slightly behind the car next to you.  This will give the driver to your side a safe ‘sight line’ to pull out in traffic without having to wait for you to move.

There are few things more frustrating than having a large vehicle block your view so you can’t pull into traffic.  Remember, we’re talking a vehicle with your company’s name on it!  The public may never consciously notice this courteous Moment of Truth. However they will definitely notice the lack of it when you block their view!

This ‘culture of courtesy’ should become ingrained in your drivers. After all, when you yield to an oncoming vehicle your next Cheerleader might be driving it!  Plus driving courteously is also much safer for all concerned too!

courteous company driver

NOTE: One great way to add “Employee Accountability” is through GPS tracking of your vehicles in real time.  These GPS systems can be programmed to alert you every time your employees exceed the speed limit or even run a red light!  Or you can fall back on the good old “How is my driving?” sign on the back of the van with the vehicle number posted.


P.S. It is fine well and good of us to TALK about educating your cleaning Technicians to be attentive to wearing Customer’s Eyeglasses and Value Added Service. But are you really changing the way your people see and interact with their customers? The Value-Added Service Technician Cleaning course will transform your Techs into ‘customer referral marketing machines’!

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