Back to basics with ‘Moments of Truth’ (Part 3)

woman-cheerleaderIt’s easy to get ‘distracted’ in our cleaning and restoration industry and lose sight of ‘the basics’. For example, above all else you must…

  1. Create Cheerleader Customers with Value Added Service: Managing your customer’s experience to provide a consistently high level of perceived value and service.” Do this by…
  2. Developing Service Systems: “A mental outline, a written script and a “framework” that consistently produces Cheerleader customers.” Build your ‘technician scripts’ based on…
  3. Moments of Truth: “Any point when your customer (or a potential customer) comes into contact with part of your company AND subliminally forms an opinion.”

NOTE: Don’t fool yourself. Your techs (and you!) create thousands of Moments of Truth (MOT’s) every day! The Service Systems we share in SFS Training just organize and control these MOT’s. These MOT checklists should “make it easier to do it right than to do it wrong’ by consistently creating positive MOTs! (And avoiding the dreaded negative MOT’s!)

1. Residential “Moment of Truth” Checklist! (And HERE are some great pet owner MOT’s to program into your technician’s ‘stage play script’!)

2. Restoration “Moment of Truth” Checklist! (Delighted Insureds mean happy adjusters!)

3. Commercial “Moment of Truth” Checklist! Remember in contract commercial work you have to profitably PRICE the job. Try this Commercial Production/Pricing Analysis Log.

Jon-Don, your Strategies for Success team and I  hope you have a great day and an even better year!


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