Put on your “Customer’s Eyeglasses”!

customer's eyeglassesStrategies for Success attendees often ask me, “Steve, what was your biggest challenge in business?” My reply? “Employees were always my biggest pain! And yet our people could also be my greatest joy! And sometimes on the same day!”

So do you also dread hiring? Would you like to be proud of your people? If so…

Above all else, you must avoid “Desperation Hiring”! Then train your new tech(s) on the “why and how” of creating Customer Cheerleaders! But you must also…

Insist that ALL your employees wear their “Customer’s Eyeglasses”! HUH?

“Putting on the on the Customer’s Eyeglasses” is my term for looking at yourself (and your actions on the job) through the eyes of your client. So with their Customer’s Eyeglasses your techs literally will feel the fear, the worries and yes… the pain of a client as their premises are “invaded” by your employees.

NOTE: The Customer’s Eyeglasses need to be worn by your entire staff. (Not just technicians working on-location.) So make it easy for ALL your employees focus on their client’s feelings (and build a relationship) with these free “How to Make the Cheerleader” check lists:

Homework: What “common denominator” do all six of the above “Building a relationship” check lists have in common? Hmmm… we should talk about this!



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