The question every customer is afraid to ask!

trust-is-importantDo you lock your doors at night? Do you let your kids walk to school by themselves? How many of you believe the government has your best interests at heart?  Guess what?  Your customer has the same fears about YOU and your company! So…

Your customer’s “Unspoken Question” is “Can I trust you?”

NOTE: A recent poll discovered the “trust factor” for business dropped in one year from 58% to 44%. At this rate in a few years no one will open their doors to strangers! (Much less the typical carpet cleaning technician!)

For over 20 years Steve Toburen has stressed in our Strategies for Success seminar (SFS) that your first-time customers (often female) are fearful of letting service techs enter their inner sanctum, their home. This is why Steve has focused SFS on the “Emotional Dynamics” of providing a service on-location- in your customer’s homes and businesses.

What has changed since our first SFS seminar way back in 1996? The Internet and especially social media such as Facebook and Twitter! Customers are making subliminal decisions about your trustworthiness before calling you! So what is on your website? Is the homepage a picture of your truck and fire-breathing equipment? Listen carefully here:  NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR TRUCK/ EQUIPMENT/ CHEMICALS! Instead…

Use your website (and social media platforms) to answer your client’s “Unspoken Questions” with “Unspoken Answers”! For example…

Brag about your employees! How about including Employee Profiles on your website? (CLICK HERE for a sample Employee Profile Page.) Place a bio underneath each employee’s photo and list their qualifications to come into your customers home. Include photos of their family, their hobbies and even a video of your tech explaining how great they feel when leaving their client’s home beautifully clean! Or you can…

Tell how you started your company and why. People love to read about how a guy left corporate America so he could be free in the afternoon to coach his daughters basketball team! Your personal story is what makes you different from the large franchises. Use it!

Are you on Facebook? If you use it  strictly for hanging out with friends just remember that your customer may also be looking at your posts. Use Facebook to promote your company but in a non-salesy way. If you are doing a charity event for dogs make sure all your customers know about the event and how you are participating.

Have you started a blog?  If so, don’t focus on CHEMICALS! (Or even on carpet cleaning!) Why not blog about your kid’s Saturday soccer games at the park? Always remember that customers don’t do business with companies- they do business with people!  Your job is to become a “trust agent” so clients will feel comfortable with your company.

Your job is to create the systems that let your prospects answer the “Can I trust you?” question without having to verbally asking you! Our Strategies for Success program provides turn-key systems that turn you into a “trust agent” based on the Emotional Dynamics of the Home Front.  Want to know more?  Checking out our Special Reports Directory.

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