Direct Mail Post Card Critiqued- OUCH!

under-the-magnifying-glassAs a continual learning exercise hopefully all of you look at and analyze every piece of advertising that hits your mailbox. (Yes, even the “junk mail”!)  Even better, make sure any females in your home give their opinion. After all they are your target market. A recent blog post from Michele Miller of Wonder Branding took  laser aim at a recent contractor postcard she received. The results are not pretty.

Go here to see it- Direct Mail: What REALLY Goes Through The Female Customer’s Mind

What would Michele (and her readers) say about the last piece you sent out? Now would be a great time to look at all of your marketing materials before your piece ends up as fodder on someones blog!

If you would like another set of eyes on your material send it to I’ll do my best to be gentle!

3 thoughts on “Direct Mail Post Card Critiqued- OUCH!”

  1. UCM,
    Ther are a few companies that will do postcards. It is hard to strike a balance. If the cards are prewritten then they tend to be generic and not based on an individual client. If they are written on a one-to-one basis then they are more expensive. It is getting better though as printing continues to change you can get individualized cards that don’t break the bank.

    The idea is to send something out on a monthly basis. Don’t wait for the perfect situation.

    Thanks for writing.


  2. Oops! My name is actually “Cathy”. UCM stands for “UpperCrust Maids”. That’s my cleaning company.

    I have engaged in direct mail campaigns and agree with you that the ideal would be to send cards out monthly. It is an expenisve undertaking though.

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