Ten Essential Strategies for Success in a Tough Economy

This is a hard hitting Special Report with 10 Strategies that absolutely will transform your business- IF you implement them.

SFS Seminar- February, 2012 (Atlanta, GA)

“Following these instructions I will be making more money immediately, in the long-term and for life! Absolutely brilliant. I really appreciate everyone’s hard work. The food was amazing. Thank you to everyone at Jon-Don for giving me an incredible week and changing me for both work and for life.”

How to get plumber water damage referrals- FREE! (Part II)

Water damage expert Ivan Turner shares how he got out of of paying a King’s Ransom to plumbers. Now they happily share their referrals for free! Find out how Ivan achieved this state of Business Bliss …

What percentage of your carpet cleaning business is “repeat”? Are you sure? Really?

All of us brag about our “imagined percentages” of repeat clients. Comments like this are common at every SFS seminar: “Yeah, over 90% of my clients are repeat business.” But honestly, have you ever put a magnifying glass on this claim? (Steve confesses he was guilty of this empty bragging too!) One very capable SFS member did and here is what they found out …

How can I target the right age group for residential carpet cleaning?

A New York carpet cleaner poses a thorny question, “What is the average age of my customer”? In typical Steve Toburen fashion he takes the “long way around” before answering the original question. But Steve’s long-winded reply contains some great insights on the Emotional Dynamics of the home owner/technician relationship …

“Marketing decisions are so much easier when we have hard numbers”- Meg’s Story (Part 7)

Meg and John Burdick find that making emotionally detached decisions can be difficult when you have built relationships with your vendors. Find out what carpet cleaning marketing strategies they decided to keep after analyzing their performance over time.

New vs. Repeat Carpet Cleaning Clients in “Meg’s Story” (Part 2)

The road to success in building any successful carpet cleaning business has its share of bombshells. Meg Burdick shares some surprising insights from her numbers on repeat customers. Read on for this thought provoking installment of “Meg’s Story” …