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friendly newsletterEveryone knows that newsletters are a vital tool to maintain your TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness) with your customers.  (After all, a typical service business never gets called back again with 63% of their customers simply because they can’t remember who they used last time!)  But remember that newsletter are expensive to send out.  You want to get maximum bang for the buck.  Here’s few ideas on what to include …

When sending a regular newsletter think of a contest that sparks interest.

Build up the contest on the outside of the newsletter. Offer a prize. Try to have a human touch in your contest. Be sure to follow up and print the results in your next newsletter to maintain continuity AND build a sense of community among your clients.

Why not include in your newsletter a puzzle to match the baby picture with the current picture of all your employees. Great fun for both the customer and the employee! You can’t go wrong putting more fun in people’s lives! One more reminder- coming up with the copy/ doing the layout and graphics plus actually printing/ addressing/ mailing newsletters is exhausting and very likely not the best use of your time.  (Even worse, since you don’t really have time for it, newsletters tend to get put off and you will never reap the benefits that regular and timely newsletter mailing gives you!)  So why not check out Jon-Don’s “One to One” Newsletter Marketing program?


P.S. How do you spice up your newsletter?  Share your techniques below in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Add a human touch to your Newsletter”

  1. In a font too big to be ignored on the front of the newsletter: “If you find your name in this newsletter call our office to receive a $50.00 gift certificate.” 80% of the time someone called to get the gift certificate so that relates to 80% opening it. That is a HUGE improvement for just $50.00.

  2. Dang, Al, that is a really good idea. Overall, I found people just wanted to have a little fun with our newsletter. Al’s concept of a “hidden” gift certificate is just one way. Folks just love a treasure hunt! Our “fun deal” was a recipe contest among our customers.


    PS Just remember one thing- even if your newsletter does not appear to be getting results or even read- all that really matters is your clients see your name and logo before they wrap their fresh bought fish in it! Mission accomplished!

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