When is a 99% failure rate considered good?

sorting-mail-for-newsletterFalse misconceptions abound about newsletters to help you stay in contact with clients. So let’s deal with these “newsletter myths” before analyzing why newsletters should be an integral part of your marketing plan.

Myth #1- No one has the time to read a newsletter.

Reality: I’ve had many cleaners and restorers tell me that when they stopped sending out their newsletter they received calls from their clients asking, “Hey, where’s my newsletter?”

Myth #2- It is easy to write your own newsletter.

Reality: Yes, it is easy and even fun to come up with your very own newsletter… the first time. I mean… hey! You’ll feel like Stephen King the first time you sit at the keyboard! But by the second or third issue you’ll better grasp the phrase “writers block”!

Myth #3- I can do it cheaper myself than buying a professionally done newsletter.

Reality: Seriously? When you figure the the cost of printing plus the sheer joy of working with happy postal workers AND (most importantly) the cost of your time your self-produced newsletter will cost much more than a professionally written newsletter. (And then factor in the hostility of your children when they have to fold, tab, and stamp 1,500 newsletters!)

Note: In my opinion for most cleaning and restoration contractors dinking around trying (and failing) to produce is a classic example of what Steve Toburen calls a “Displacement Activity”.

Myth #4- A newsletter sent to carpet cleaning customers should be about carpet cleaning.

Reality: Wrong! If you get a newsletter from your plumber do you really want to read about the latest developments of waterless toilets? I didn’t think so. Your customers want to know about general topics such as cooking, gardening, articles about children, etc. And then every once in a while read an article about a new style of carpeting. (Or how to remove spots and spills from the carpet they have.)

So why should you consider professionally written newsletters?

1. The biggest reason is because writing a newsletter will not be the “highest and best use” of your time for all the reasons above.

2. Do you honestly have a good grasp of your primary residential customer? (Jon-Don’s One to One newsletter is written by women for women.)

3. Simple, easy and most importantly- automatic! For example, with Jon-Don’s newsletter you just upload your mailing list to your very own password protected site on Jon-Don’s server. They take it from there and handle all layout, printing and mailing tasks. (You’ll update your mailing addresses once a month.)

4. Good professional newsletters can be “customized”. With Jon-Don’s One to One newsletter you choose the coupon for the outer cover and insert your logo and contact information. You will be emailed the newsletter for your approval and then off it goes to your list- automatically!

NOTE: If you have a really tight marketing budget you can order the digital newsletter and then email out as many as you like.

Folks, several years ago I attended a very large marketing convention. The person who had gained the largest increase in sales from the previous year was awarded a new car. When he was asked “If you were limited to only one marketing tool which one would you take?” His immediate answer? “A client newsletter!”

Now you may be wondering about the title of this article. A 99% failure rate is good? How can this be possible? You’ll note below a chart proving your newsletter can be very can be successful with only a one percent return. (If you are only mailing to previous customers you will most likely get a much better return.)

So whether you produce your own newsletter or join other smart companies by using a professionally written and designed newsletter- just do something!


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