Send the client a direct mail “poem” from their carpet

direct mailToo often a company sees a carpet cleaning ad from a competitor and tries to copy it. Listen carefully here:  If it has already been done then you are already behind!

So if you want to steal a good idea (Steve Toburen calls this “research” or if he is in a generous mood “borrowing”!) then steal it from another industry!

While I was reading one of my favorite author/bloggers, Dan Pink, I came across a love poem from an auto dealership to their customer’s car. It was written on a fancy wedding type invitation card and addressed to “Your 2001 Civic”.  (Or whatever the dealership has on file that you are driving.)

Each day Americans throw away enough “junk” direct mail to reforest the Sahara desert. Why?  Because you can recognize (and mentally dismiss) a piece of junk mail from 20 feet away! But no one ever throws away a fancy “invitation” without opening and reading it!

So by sending out “direct mail” elegant invitations I guarantee your clients will open it and read it to the end. You have already won half the battle!  Plus I am also positive your customer will share your clever mailing with their friends.  (They might even pin it up at work on the bulletin board!)

So make it a group project at your company or with your family to write a poem to your customer’s carpet or sofa or tile and grout.  It will be fun AND  most likely will make your phone ring!

So Mr. Shakespeare- are you ready to give it a shot? Here’s a look at what Mr. Pink was so impressed with.


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