SFS Seminar- February, 2012 (Atlanta, GA)


I will definitely use this information as our company grows. Accounting forms and radio calculations will be used immediately. Every business owner must attend a course like this. It gives a clear vision of important procedures and systems that are crucial to healthy business growth. Chuck Violand is a fantastic presenter!

KC Parfonova
Atlanta Emergency Team

By far this SFS class was the experience of a lifetime. Following these instructions I will be making more money immediately, in the long-term and for life! Steve’s expertise was astonishing. Absolutely brilliant! I really appreciate everyone’s hard work. The food was amazing. The Strategies team of instructors are all “A” players! Thank you to everyone at Jon-Don for giving me an incredible week and changing me for both work and for life. THANK YOU!!!

Andrew Constant
Clean Rite

Having attended the class last year I wanted to come back. Now we have a better view of what our company is growing into. The information on job costing and how to hire employees was particularly good. If others want to build a successful business they should attend this seminar. Bill Yeadon’s presentation was excellent!

Matt Moree
AMS Cleaning Solutions

The marketing day helped me to see the bigger picture. I plan on using the direct mailings to specific neighborhoods right away. Bill did a wonderful job presenting his material. I learned loads of information and gained marketing tools that I plan to implement immediately. Steve had all the elements of an effective presenter. This Strategies for Success class has been a life-saver / company-saver. My bosses have spent the last 33+ years growing Sunrise Clean care to where it is today. They have about 50% of current Strategies suggestions in place. With what I have learned I can take Sunrise to the next level.

Candice Cameron Lee
Sunrise Clean Care

This information will help me get better organized immediately. In this seminar you learn how to be a successful manager. Chuck is an outstanding communicator!

RC Johnson
TractorCare, Inc.

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