‘Pre-introduce’ your techs to your client BEFORE they arrive!

mom looking at laptop with childMy mentor in the cleaning industry told me over 40 years ago, “Steve, all I sell is people… to people.” And so it is.

As a restoration or cleaning contractor you must “sell your employees to your customers.” (Even if you are your only employee!)

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That’s right. Your customers want to know WHO is going to be working in their “inner sanctum” of their home or business.  Repeated surveys have proven that your customer’s biggest “Unspoken Question” is “Can I trust your employees?” (Can you blame them?) Soooo…

Develop an ‘Employee Profile’ for every one of your workers and share them with your customers.

NOTE: Another “Employee Profile” benefit? Good employees are happy and proud to be included in your newsletter and/or profiled on your company website.  (Unless they are running from the FBI, of course!)

So build a “Facebook” type page on your website for each employee. Let them post photos of their family, names and ages of their children and pets, professional experience and certifications, list their hobbies, favorite ice cream, whatever! (You should obviously retain “censorship” privileges!)

Include an “employee profile” in each issue of your company newsletter that you mail out. Just run a photo of your employee, along with a brief bio that you pull from their website Employee Profile.

This will help your customers better visualize (and trust!) WHO will be coming into their home. (I am always amazed at how many first time callers will actually have read the online bio’s of each of your technicians and refer to them by name during the initial phone call.)

Now let’s take this up a notch.  Imagine being able to say to your newly booked customer, “Mrs. Jones, I’m sending Charlie Smith over to clean your carpets. We actually have a special profile page that let’s you learn all about Charlie on our website.  If I could have your e-mail address I’ll send you a link to Charlie’s profile right now …”

Bingo!  Talk about killing two birds with one stone!  You have now “pre-introduced” your technician PLUS you have captured the customer’s e-mail.  I love it!

NOTE: Pre-introducing your workers with Employee Profiles is especially valuable with your traumatized restoration clients.


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