Give your fire and water damage insureds a tasty way to remember you!

It has been well said, “the way to the heart lies through the stomach.”  This QuickTIP focuses on a great Moment of Truth for a traumatized restoration client with some memorable comfort food …

As soon as possible after a fire/water damage loss deliver a personalized ‘cookie cake’ (or other treat) to the insured with your name/logo baked into half of the cake and the name/logo of the insurance company baked into the other half. This tasty cake creates a very positive Moment of Truth with the Insured for both you and the insurance company you are working with.

Amen to the above! Just one precaution I can think of. Some insurance companies are extremely wary about leaving the impression they are “in bed” with just one contractor. (Even though they probably are!) So be sure to get permission to include the insurance company’s name and logo in your bouquet. On the other hand, if it’s OK with the insurance adjuster, you’re making him look good and aligning yourself with the insurance company in the mind of the insured. Plus, what a tasty Moment of Truth!

NOTE: If the insurance company agent or adjuster doesn’t want to play ball with you on this one, no problem. Just leave them out of it and take all the credit for yourself! It’s a great idea. No custom bakery nearby? Candy, goodies from Hickory Farms, you get the idea, we’re talking about showing an attitude of care and concern, in an organized, consistent but genuinely sincere manner!


P.S. Let’s be honest here.  Cookie cakes on their own just aren’t going to cut it in restoration.  Sooner or later ya gotta do some work!

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