Reply to “Unspoken Questions” with “Unspoken Answers”!

unspoken questions require unspoken answers

You are probably in the “SERVICE industry”. (Versus the much easier task of producing/selling goods.) Therefore…

As a cleaning or restoration contractor much of your success will be based on the 80% Principle which means success in cleaning and restoration is largely based on your customer’s FEELINGS! But now for the “good news-bad news”

The “bad news”: Customers feel intimidated, vulnerable and very afraid when any service is performed in their home or business. (In fact, I tell every SFS class: “At best, you are a Tolerated Irritation to your customer!”)

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The “good news”: Yep! You CAN manage the “Service Experience” (and feelings) of your customer with Value Added Service. How? By building systems that…

Answer your client’s “Unspoken Questions” with “Unspoken Answers”!

My guess is you often hear verbal questions such as the dreaded, “How much for…?” or “What method do you use?” or “When will it dry?” and of course the always-wonderful, “How soon can you fit me in?”

But do you think your customer has questions they don’t verbalize? Absolutely! For example, think about these silent “Unspoken Questions”:

1. “Can I trust this tech? Will he steal from me? Am I safe?” (I know you and your workers are trustworthy. BUT your first time customer doesn’t!)

2. “Are they going to break my stuff?”

3. “Will these people take the time to do it right? How will I even know if it is ‘done right’?”

4. “Will this company stick to their quoted price? Or is it going to be yet another ugly ‘bait and switch’ ordeal?”

So what specific, positive Moment of Truth “Unspoken Answers” can you program in to reassure your first time client?

NOTE: You can “cheat” with these free “Moments of Truth Scripts” HERE for your phone dispatchers, sales people and technicians.

The result of this Value Added Service? Delighted Cheerleaders will sing your praises to everyone they know! (And online too!)

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