The why (and how) of constantly “tuning up” your business…

tune your business problemsAndy Grove of Intel fame said it best, Success breeds complacency and then complacency breeds failure.” Absolutely true in our fast-paced cleaning and restoration industry.

So how about you? Has a “degree of success” caused you to “relax” a bit? If so, may I remind you to…

Constantly be “tuning up your hot rod”! (Fix those business problems.)

I ask the car enthusiasts in every SFS class, “Is a hot rod ever ‘finished’?” They reply, “NO WAY”! Instead, proud hot rod owners are constantly “tweaking” their baby! And yes, I want you to view your business as a “hot rod”!

So never passively accept business problems/issues as “normal”. Instead, ask yourself, “What can I ‘tune up’ (change) to make sure this particular problem NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN?” Here are some common “tuning up your hot rod” business problems/solutions:

  1. “Broken equipment keeps going back out to the field!” Implement this free Equipment Repair Sheet.  And insist your techs “red tag” non-working items!
  2. “How can I stop ‘disappearing tools’?” (GRRRRR!) Hold your techs “accountable” with a Personal Equipment Inventory List.
  3. “How can we close ‘price shoppers’ on the phone?” Use this Phone Format to answer the dreaded “How much do you charge?” question!

Commercial issues/tune-ups:

  1. “I don’t know how much to bid!” Use this Commercial Production/Pricing Analysis Log to give you the data you need.
  2. “How can I speed my guys up?” Make each trip to the truck count with this Commercial Set-up List.

Restoration problems/solutions:

  1. “My techs aren’t getting all the info on a water loss!” Give them this Water Damage Customer Interview Form.
  2. “When we’re swamped in losses we need to speed up!” Guide your techs with this Water Damage Restoration Set-up List.

Mr. Grove also famously stated, “Only the paranoid survive!” Can this warning help a restoration or cleaning contractor? Let’s focus on this soon!


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