The Simple “1-2 Cheerleader Punch”!

impress-with-eye-contact-and-smileWriter Richard Bach stated: “The simplest things are often the truest.” And so it is in business. The simplest things very often have the very best “return on investment”.

For example, all QuickTIP readers know that “80% of how your customer decides if you did a good job or a bad job is based on the RELATIONSHIP they have with the person performing the service.” Now for you as an owner or manager this relationship building should be an easy no-brainer!

But let’s put on your Customer Eyeglasses and look (really look!) at the average technician you are sending into client’s homes or businesses. Hmmm… How can you make it simple for your techs to influence how the customer FEELS about them? (The goal is to make Customer Cheerleaders!)

Drill Steve’s  simple “1-2 Cheerleader Punch” into your employee’s daily actions. When first meeting a new client…

1) Look them in the eye and 2) SMILE!

My guess is YOU automatically look people in the eye and smile! But what about your young and/or ill-at-ease technician? Not so easy! All too often a shy or intimidated worker can give the (false) impression that they are unsure of themselves, incompetent or even dishonest! So sad…

Remember, this simple 2-step “Look them in the eye/SMILE” procedure will create a great beginning Moment of Truth! So orient your employees on the Emotional Dynamics of working on-location in customer’s homes and businesses. How?

a) Remind your employees that the #1 customer emotion is fear! That’s right- your tech’s customer is even more afraid than they are!

b) Develop a step-by-step Moment of Truth (MOT) “script” for your workers to deliver on the job. HERE is a free, instant download of a Residential MOT checklist. Or HERE is a Restoration MOT Checklist. And HERE is how to be more productive in commercial work!

c) And above all else- “Look ’em in the eye and SMILE!”

NOTE: Want a super-simple way to train your techs on this all-important “customer relationship building”? Send them to Jon-Don’s one day “Value Added Service for Technicians” seminar! And HERE is our upcoming VAST schedule.


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