So should we wear shorts?

work-shorts-on-the-job-in-cleaning-and-restorationHi Steve,

What is your take on wearing shorts during the summer? I know some companies don’t allow them but just wanted to know your thoughts?

Just Wondering in Washington State

Hi Wondering,

Good to hear from you! And this is a great question I get quite a bit. And my answer is… (Wait for it!) ….

IT ALL DEPENDS! (And you are thinking- This is it?)

But seriously, here are some factors to consider:

1. What is your local “dress code”? There are areas where even the police and other professionals wear shorts. Other areas they would be laughed out of town! Can you and your employees be viewed as a serious company with bare knees? (I know that in the Seattle area you folks become sun worshippers in your all too brief and very beautiful summer!)

2. Speaking of “bare knees” I do have some safety concerns with exposed legs. You might check out the MSDS sheets of your pre-sprays and other chemicals re: absorption through skin. And of course there is also some concerns on spotting and carpet repairs when your techs are kneeling on the carpet. And finally how are your hot solution lines and fittings going to feel on bare flesh!

3. And finally, how do all of your “bare knees” look? (Sometimes it is better to hide our less attractive parts of our bodies!)

Now on the positive side shorts are going to give a tech more freedom of movement and be cooler. Plus your techs just may like shorts better!

If you do go the shorts route make sure they are long enough and not “too baggy”. Trust me, none of your clients want to see too much of your employee’s “equipment”! 🙂 And make your company shorts are all matching and “official looking”. (I’m thinking pressed and cuffed cargo shorts in your company colors.)

Best wishes and send me some photos of what you come up with!


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