What can a carpet cleaner present at a “ladies club” meeting?

Hi Steve,


A local ladies organization (Yes, I know that isn’t politically correct but that is what they call it!) has asked me to do a presentation on some carpet spot cleaning techniques that they could learn for their home use. I have a number of ideas but would like any input that you could give also.  They say they have about 250 members and about half will be at the meeting which is held in the private room of an upscale restaurant here in Minneapolis.  Thanks for any advice you can give.

Muddling Along in Minneapolis

Sounds like a great gig, Muddling!  (I’m assuming the members of this group fit right into your target market.  I’d say the chance to spend some time with them is a great investment.  Plus by their attendance each one has shown she is a social creature that likes to network- exactly the sort of person you want as a Cheerleader!

So, what to do?  Well, taking into account the spotting idea a no-brainer would be a Lifetime Free Spotter Bottle for each one of them. Along with a demo from the stage on how the product works.

I can see it now.  Demo the Spot-Out first on different spot materials including showing them how to press and blot (I always used my knee) and get them thinking about where they can buy it or how much you are going to charge for this “info-mercial”.

The hit ‘em with your best Oprah imitation as in, “OK, everybody gets a free bottle of Spotter for Life!” You’ll have them in tears!  The cost for this great marketing tool?  A little over a buck a bottle with your logo custom imprinted on each label!

Other ideas? How about a photo scrap book with pictures of your operation and jobs being cleaned left open on a table for inspection, a Scotchgard demo on a treated paper towel (always impressive) and a drawing for a free cleaning.

If the organizers allow it have “the ladies” fill out a card for the drawing and on the back have an optional box to check that says, “Yes, I would like a free home cleaning inspection of my carpet” and a place to write their phone number and the best time to call. Don’t give them the card to fill out till after you have done your demo and gained their trust.

Be sure to actually follow up on the leads you will get. And do a fantastic job on the free cleaning you give away.

Overall I would say it is a great opportunity depending on the income level of the “ladies”. My guess is it will be worthwhile since poor ladies don’t have the time to belong to organizations and have meetings like this one!

So don’t forget to dress up, Muddling, have fun and be yourself. (Don’t eat all the party snacks on your own. Leave some shrimp for the ladies!)  Have a pocketful of business cards. Oh and I almost forgot! Don’t hit on any of the “ladies” in attendance!  So many things to remember.  Sigh …


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