Make a new employee into a Cheerleader

Nothing is more important to your success than keeping quality, long-term employees that have “bought in” to their job!

Employees START with you for the money. (DUH!) But they STAY long term when they become emotionally tied to your company. So you must QUICKLY gain the loyalty and affection of your new employee. (And their spouse!)

Why the need for speed in developing these employee/company emotional bonds? Because a new employee subliminally decides in their first few days if they will “buy in” to their new job. The problem? A “disengaged” worker may passively stick around “taking up space” for years!

So always “stage manage” your employee’s first few weeks on the job. For example, assign a “Training Officer” to be a mentor to your new employee and then…

Train your new tech by paying them to clean their own house on their first day!

That’s right- schedule your Training Officer and the new hire to clean his or her own home. Always give the employee a list of questions to ask their spouse.  The answers will give your new worker an excellent set of “Customer Eyeglasses”!  And their spouse will now be a huge Cheerleader for your company!

Everyone wins here.  Your company scores a big positive Moment of Truth with the new employee. And you will immediately win over your tech’s husband or wife- who often is suspicious of you- the new employer!  But no longer after this “free gift” from your company! (Of course, be sure to schedule the work when the spouse will be at home.)

Plus what better place for your new hire to make a “beginner’s mistake” than in his or her own home? 🙂

Restoration HINT: If you use “on-call” or temporary workers always give them a written Code of Conduct list to follow on the loss.

Commercial HINT: Remind your employees that “Big Brother” is always watching. Video surveillance cameras are ubiquitous and blown security will lose you the account.

Steve Toburen

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