Never leave a commercial cleaning account’s door unlocked again …

commercial door left openI found I seldom lost regular commercial accounts due to poor cleaning quality.  Instead, it was the “little stuff” that would get customers ticked off and restless to dump us.  Things like trash baskets left on desk tops, tables and chairs that weren’t returned to their exact spot or a piece of equipment that was left on the job.  (And of course just like you I would lose accounts due to management changes and their dreaded “gotta get rid of the existing vendors” initiatives!)

BUT the absolute worst “account killer” was …  a door left unlocked by my employees!  Implement this week’s quickTIP to make every single worker on the job accountable and your “unlocked door” problem will go away forever!

On commercial work make sure that each crew member pulls on the door as they lock up to verify that it is secured.  Then have each employee initial the Daily Production Sheet (or the job invoice/work order) that they PERSONALLY have checked that the building is locked.  (Write down the exact time that the crew leaves the premises too.)  On the other hand, if there are still employees of your customer working in the building when the crew leaves they should note this.  (I learned many years ago that “the janitor always gets the blame”!)

This “shared crew accountability” puts the responsibility on each employee on the job and avoids those terrible phone calls from angry customers screaming at you that their building was left unlocked overnight!

Almost as bad as the angry phone call on a business left unlocked overnight is getting home and not remembering if you locked it or not! I can’t tell you how many times I got out of bed and drove all the way across town just to pull on a door and yup … it was locked!  (Except when it wasn’t!)  Aaaah, the memories!


P.S.  Commercial accounts prize routine consistency above all else.  This means “no surprises” from your company even when you have to make last minute changes with  personnel that may not be familiar with the job.  “Clone” your employees with this Commercial Job Profile Sheet– an easy and free download from our QuickFixes section.

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