Asking permission creates great Moments of Truth

Strategies for Success teaches that clients become delighted Cheerleaders when you program more Positive Moments of Truth (MOT) into their cleaning experience.  When I explain this our SFS students solemnly nod their heads and then I ask a weird question:

“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it did it make a sound?” WHAT?  That’s right- if you create a Positive MOT and yet the customer does not notice, can you really call it a Positive MOT? The answer is NO!  (Without client recognition your MOT action is just a waste of time and effort!)

So how to get a great ROI on your positive MOT’s?  (Yes, I know- too many acronyms!)  Last week I shared the first way- When you do something extra always note it down on the work order and write in “no charge”. But even before you do the paperwork subtly call attention to your kind MOT deed when you…

Always “ask permission” before you perform a free Moment of Truth action.

For example, do you routinely touch up the baseboards after you have cleaned along the room edges?  If so, simply ask the home owner, “Mrs. Jones, before I put the furniture back is it all right with you if we clean the baseboards before we put the furniture back? It is a lot easier for me to do it now instead of you doing it later.”

Here are some other MOT “ask permission” candidates:

1.  “May I go ahead and clean your entrance mats while I’m here?  There is no charge.”

2.  “Can I leave a few pairs of these protective shoe covers at no charge with you? They’ll help protect the damp carpets if they are walked on.”

3.  “As I finish the room may I use your ceiling fan to help speed dry the carpets? Oh, and if it is OK with you I’d like to vacuum the blades off before I turn it on to remove any dust that might fly off and land on your nice, clean carpeting!” Or here is one of my favorites…

4.  “Mrs. Jones, your Cassandra is a beautiful baby but I know the mess she can make of her car seat! If it is handy let me touch up her car seat’s upholstery at no charge.”

So how do you subtly and tactfully call attention to the positive Moments of Truth you deliver?

Steve Toburen

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