Cleaning kid’s car seats creates Cheerleaders!

Over the last few weeks our QuickTIPS have focused on making it easy for your clients to post positive on-line reviews about your company.  But that’s not going to happen if the home owner doesn’t FEEL GOOD about you.

At SFS we call this giving “Value Added Service“.  Oddly enough, it is these little “Moment of Truth” details that create delighted Cheerleaders who will burn up the Internet (and their phone line) referring your services.  For example …

If a client has small children ask if she would like her car seats cleaned at no charge. Kid’s car seats get so gross and yet are easy to clean. Hooking up an upholstery tool and cleaning a car seat will take less than two minutes and yet is a great Moment of Truth for any mom. (Plus when she sees how great her car seat looks she may start reflecting on her living room upholstery!)

Think about it.  What mom wouldn’t love you cleaning her car seat for free?  Wouldn’t she tell her friends about it?  (Plus she very likely will trumpet your “caring concern” on her local neighborhood discussion forum and/or Internet bulletin board for moms!)  Heck, I might even advertise this … “We love kids AND their car seats!”


P.S: So what great little Moment of Truth details do you program into your daily routine that consistently create Customer Cheerleaders?

2 thoughts on “Cleaning kid’s car seats creates Cheerleaders!”

  1. That is a great idea. I never thought of that And can see how that would work. I will start doing that as well as my techs. Thanks

  2. Thank you, Mike. The idea is to not “give away the bank” (ya gotta charge for SOMETHING!) but give the customer a little “something extra”.


    PS You will reap huge rewards long term with this approach.

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