Employees blossom in a family atmosphere

family atmosphere“Employees will always be your biggest challenge AND your biggest joy”. Truer words were never spoken.

In my 25 years ‘down in the trenches’ as a cleaning and restoration contractor I thrived on the daily interaction with my employees.  (In fact, I was both humbled and grateful for trust they placed in me.)

Most (but not all!) days were just plain FUN and oh-so-very-profitable both financially and emotionally!  Sooooo …

QUESTION:    How can a cleaning and restoration contractor keep their business fun, fulfilling and profitable while reducing employee turnover?

ANSWER:       Make each day fun and fulfilling for your workforce! So, help your employee team(s) have FUN each and every day!

To promote a close, even exuberant ‘family atmosphere’ sponsor a monthly ‘company outing’.

For example, you can have a company-paid-for barbecue at a different employee’s house on a rotating basis. (Many employees are proud of their homes and like to show them off.)

Or sponsor company events like fishing trips, golf outings or even have a company “field trip” to sporting events.

Of course, all of the above is so much easier (and fun!) when you start with great employees. So you may need hiring help…

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Anything you can do to promote family atmosphere within your company will become a positive employee Moment of Truth. Many people are very lonely out there and will quickly respond to a team environment. Remember…

The benefits of doing this far outweigh the financial and time investment required.  As the song says, “Girls (and guys) just wanna have FUN!”

REMINDER: Employees START working with you for a pay check.  But people will STAY with you long term because of emotional reasons. Therefore your mission is to get your workers to ‘buy in emotionally’ to the company’s future.

This isn’t rocket science and doesn’t mean you must be buddy-buddy with your employees.  Just set the stage logistically to ‘let the good times to roll’ and your people will naturally bond with each other!  Time to get to work!

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2 thoughts on “Employees blossom in a family atmosphere”

  1. We had a “Happy Enchilada Day” (the day after Thanksgiving) with our employees. All of our employess came over to our home and we actually made the enchiladas together, ate, and had a great time. It was so much fun, this may become an annual tradition.

  2. Enchiladas? Mmmmm … my favorite. (Especially the ones made with queso fresco and LOTS of onions diced really small and then snothered with green chile and refritos y arroz mexicano … whoa, where am I? I’m starving to death!)

    Anyway, you are dead on re: sharing food with your employees. In fact, I just remembered that a few months ago Chuck Violand wrote on here about “breaking bread with your troops” much more eloquently than I ever could.

    Check out what Chuck says and thanks for chiming in,


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