Get them out from behind the desk!

The most common reaction when calling on commercial prospects? REJECTION! (Maybe this Fear of Rejection is why you make so few commercial sales calls!)

People instinctively put up mental (and physical) “barriers” against a “salesperson”. No one likes to be “sold” but we all appreciate “solutions” to our problems. So…

Your job is to first discover your contact’s “Point of Pain” and then provide easy, creative and cost-effective solutions. BUT remember…

In commercial sales a big “barrier” is your prospect sitting behind their DESK.  Get them out from behind their desk by involving them in a “premises tour”. First interview the Facility Manager using this Commercial Carpet Analysis sheet. Then…

When your prospect mentions his or her biggest maintenance problem area simply start to get up and say, “Could you show me?”

BINGO! Now that the manager is out from behind their desk they are committed to making a time investment in you and your inspection.  The more time, effort and mental energy your prospect invests in you the more likely they will want a “return” on their investment.  The only way to get this ROI?  Do business with YOU!

Restoration HINT: Involve the Insured immediately by touring the loss as you fill out this Restoration Interview form.  Then sett up a separate password-protected online “shared folder” for each adjuster to keep him or her up-to-date on the loss. (They will love you for this resource!)

Residential HINT:  We viewed pre-inspecting most of our first-time as a good long-term investment.  Our SFS pre-inspection script interviews the caller which in turn gives you the “ammunition” to justify why you need to make a pre-inspection. Download the SFS phone script for free HERE.


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