How I promoted my carpet cleaning business at my BNI group by ripping Steve Toburen’s stuff off!

Hey Steve,

Despite my best efforts to put it off I finally had to do my 10 minute presentation to the BNI group that I am a part of. (Pretty scary!)  So I used what you taught us in the SFS seminar.  I talked about the “Unspoken Questions” that the homeowner has and how I answer them with “Unspoken Answers”.  (Or as you also called them in SFS, “Positive Moments of Truth”). Of course when you talk about it during SFS it is really a 3 day presentation, so scaling down to 10 minute was tough!

dave-pastorHowever, when I was done, (right at 10 minutes because I rehearsed it many times), my entire BNI group burst into enthusiastic applause! I got a lot of really great compliments afterwards about the presentation. I never tipped them off that I “stole it” from you. But I wanted you to know what I did because you deserve all the credit. Of course I don’t deliver this SFS stuff as well as you but I am really excited about these concepts.  I plan to use a longer version of this “blatantly plagiarized” presentation the next time I present to realtors or carpet retail stores.

Thanks again,

Dave Pastor

Wow, Dave, I feel honored.  Seriously.  thank you so much for sharing this.  Chuck, Bill and I sometimes feel like “prophets crying alone in the wilderness with no one listening”! Your entire SFS team of experienced cleaning industry professionals knows just how powerful our Value Added Service concepts are BUT all they are is “pretty words” till people actually use them.  So you are more than welcome!

Now for all of you folks who have not come to SFS (yet!) how can you tap into the concepts that are transforming the companies of over 2,000 SFS members just like Dave?  Well, obviously the best answer is get yourself to a SFS seminar!  Duh!  But meanwhile we have resources and posts on key SFS topics like Value Added Service, Cheerleaders, Illusion of Control and Moments of Truth.  Click on any of these words above and you’ll be able to read related posts on these concepts.  Or just download my Special Report, “Ten Essential Strategies for Success in a Tough Economy”.

2 thoughts on “How I promoted my carpet cleaning business at my BNI group by ripping Steve Toburen’s stuff off!”

  1. Dave,

    Your post couldn’t be more timely! I’m prepping for my BNI presentation for next week. Brilliant idea to use the stuff from SFS! Only wish I thought of it myself – but then that is the beauty of this site. It will be hard to condense the info…guess I’ll just have to get busy doiing more 1 on 1’s and share the info that way!


  2. You know, Meg, if you just use the first three Strategies out of my Special Report “Ten Essential Strategies for Success in a Tough Economy” you’ll be in good shape. Help yourself and my guess is you will be the hit of the party because this is stuff that will help any business.


    PS Run copies and hand them out with your logo and contact info on them. sounds like a great topic for “Meg’s Story-Part 6”!

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