Winning Over the “Price Shopper” (Without losing your shirt!)

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Nowadays cheap is “in”. Thanks to the economic downturn and new social discounting networks (e.g. Groupon), there is now “snob appeal” in getting the best deal.

  • So how can you attract this new breed of value conscious “price shopper” without resorting to discounts and major price cutting?
  • What about your previous clients that you have spent years “training” to accept your prestige pricing levels and now they want to “haggle a bit”?
  • Also, let’s not forget the most important question- How can you achieve all of the above AND still make a nice profit?

So download the following Special Report and do more than just glance through it. Give it an honest read and follow my “Price Shopper Script” exactly as written.  Then come back and let us know how it worked (or didn’t work!). I’d love to hear your comments!


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2 thoughts on “Winning Over the “Price Shopper” (Without losing your shirt!)”

  1. Ouch my toes hurt Steve you stepped all over them in the justifying your price statements. Didn’t realize I was making such a huge mistake. On more than one occassion I have talked to a customer about the cost involved and how much better my equipment was than most etc etc.

  2. SORRY, Bobby! No offense meant. It is a normal reaction to try and educate your customer about your cost of doing business. But plain and simple they just don’t care. Instead, it comes across as being defensive.


    PS Try the proactive techniques in the Special Report and let me know how they work for you.

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