Boost your technician’s morale!

happy service employeeSure, I strongly push Immediate Quality Check calls (IQC’s) in our SFS Training events to discover any little nagging concerns the cleaning customer might have. And prevent getting ‘bushwhacked’ by a surprise negative online review! This is a great way to convert her into a ‘Turbo Cheerleader’. BUT…

The real benefit of these “IQC’s”? You MUST give your employees positive feedback. (Always remember that employees are your “Internal Customers” and yet will always be your biggest challenge, too!)

During the Immediate Quality Check call to the customer record their positive comments on the Work Order  or a separate Q/C log-in sheet.  However, the office should also write the customer’s comments on a “sticky note”. The congratulatory note is then placed on your employee’s time card.

Nostalgia Time: In my company at times there were three or four sticky notes in a long chain on the time card! When the technicians came in at the end of a long day and saw their sticky notes waiting for them they smiled and walked a little straighter as they rushed to read their customers praises.

It’s easy for your Techs to feel all beat up on if ALL they ever hear about are the problems from a complaining and ticked-off customer. So look for any opportunity to praise your people!  What I really like about this QuickTIP is that all the other employees will be reading the customer’s comments too. Remember, “praise in public, reprove in private”!


PS. Reduce callbacks and increase referral sales by sending your Technicians on the fast-track to “hi-touch” customer service. Jon-Don’s Value Added Service Training (VAST) focuses on giving all your employees the training they need to communicate effectively with the homeowner. The result? A CHEERLEADER!

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