Ban the phrase “Traffic Lanes”

For years when a price haggling customer balked at the price I would fall back to a lower “traffic lane” price. WRONG! So what’s so bad about the phrase, “traffic lanes”?

Words are powerful. Think about it. Are you in fact ONLY going to clean the normal two to three foot wide “lane” where the “traffic” occurs? Of course not. And yet that is what your customer mentally envisions when you specify “traffic lanes” in your job quote. Instead…

Always use the phrase “Open Areas” as in “We will clean all open areas.”

In reality, very likely that is what you are doing anyway. You are not moving the furniture but ARE edging up close to fixed/large items so that the overall appearance of the carpets is great! So listen up: If you are doing the work anyway why not get credit for doing “all the open areas”?

Residential HINT: Offering to drop down to the “open areas” is a great negotiating tactic with a price-resistant prospect. And especially in bedroom “Open Areas” you will probably make even MORE money per hour than struggling with beds and dressers!

Commercial HINT: Never give your commercial contact just one price. Instead, when you present your recommendations include different frequencies and cleaning areas, including “open area” options.

Restoration HINT: Sure, you are going to do a final cleaning wall-to-wall. But it will create a great Moment of Truth with the Insured to do an initial “Open Area” cleaning to remove the smoke residue immediately from her carpet. And most adjusters will even let you charge for it!


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