Avoid negative cell phone Moments of Truth

This QuickTIP focuses on the negative Moments of Truth your employees (or YOU!) may inadvertently be creating with their cell phones.

For example: Are all of your tech’s cell phone messages and ringtones ‘non-offensive’ and appropriate. In other words, no loud music or offensive messages that could reflect badly on your company’s image.

Folks, the whole cell phone issue is a veritable minefield of potential negative Moments of Truth.  Simply put, today’s generation entering the work force is  “addicted” to technology and specifically to TEXTING.  Nielsen Research reports that the average young worker today sends 3,146 text messages per month- that is over 100 per day!

Are you POSITIVE this inappropriate texting/talking on the cell phone isn’t creating huge negative Moments of Truth in your customer’s home?  (Not to mention when someone is texting they can’t be working!)

I call this cell phone addiction on the part of our in-home employees the “hidden cancer” of our industry!

So here is a puzzler for all of our readers.  How are you preventing negative cell phone Moments of Truth in your customer’s homes?  (Remember, we’re talking “addicts” here and addicts have to get their fix!)  After all, we’re all in this together!


PS: Remember it’s imperative to get your work crew on board with Value Added Service principles. Bad cell phone etiquette is just a symptom of not understanding the “Emotional Dynamics” of working in the customer’s home.  So how can you help your employees “tune-in”? Consider Jon-Don’s Value-Added Service  Technician (VAST) seminar.

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