Respect your client’s “Personal Space”

As they wait for their door bell to ring your first time client is nervous, intimidated and very likely scared to death!  (And this goes triple if they are a home owner with a flooded home!)  So just how can you calm a home owner that feels a bit “invaded”?

By focusing on the first two minutes!  You (and your employees) have a very narrow window to create positive Moments of Truth (MOT) that will put your customer’s mind at ease.  For example, show respect by …

After ringing the door bell step back three feet from the door.  All co-workers should be behind the lead tech, down one step and visible.  (Not “hiding” behind another worker!)

By giving the home owner their “Personal Space” they can open the door without fear.  This “one Step Back” reminder also creates a very important MOT immediately.  And of course
everyone’s “Front Porch Behavior” should be impeccable!

Bonus Reminder #1:  Every employee should always wear a clearly visible photo ID badge.

Bonus Reminder #2:  If possible, park your service vehicle in the street and then ask permission to pull into the customer’s driveway.  (This is the ultimate “personal space” MOT!)

So what immediate positive MOT’s do you give a home owner?

Steve Toburen

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2 thoughts on “Respect your client’s “Personal Space””

  1. We did too. Our techs could comment on the yard, neighborhood, neighbors we had worked for in the past (only positive comments of course) or even the color/design of their house.


    PS On the other hand we cautioned our employees about showing undue interest in “portable possessions” of the client! And no comments about how “hot” their 16 year old daughter was!

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