Five bucks to get ‘started off right’ with home owners!

photo-id-badge-steveSo what is the single biggest emotion your new residential customer feels as they wait for an unknown technician? FEAR! That’s right, home owners are scared to death!😲 (And given the horror stories about techs who can blame them?)

NOTE: This is why the big national franchises advertise “we don’t use sub-contractors” and “we do background checks.” But you can do better for just $5.00!

All employees (including owner/operators) should always wear a photo ID badge!

A photo ID badge calms a “first-time customer’s fears”.💖 But they also are cheap marketing! Heck, people would ask my workers at Burger King for a business card! HINT: ALL your employees should have their very own personalized business cards!

Bonus QuickTIP: Use technician photo ID badges that have a pocket on the back to store a few business cards. Your techs will always have clean and dry cards with them. (Much better than crumpled up in a sweat-soaked wallet! YUK!)

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NOTE: Just Google the phrase “Photo ID badge” to see a wide gamut of online sources. Prices run around $5.00 to $10.00 per badge. And always buy two badges for each worker. It’s inevitable that employees will lose/forget them!

Steve Toburen

P.S: So what “customer reassuring tips” have you implemented in your daily operations?

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4 thoughts on “Five bucks to get ‘started off right’ with home owners!”

  1. I like this idea. I am going to start this policy yesterday. They will have there badges first thing in the morning. That is a great idea. Thanks

  2. I sure appreciate your comments AND your enthusiasm, Mike. The big thing that keeps your SFS team going after 15 years together is the plain joy of helping people find success in their lives. So your feedback is invaluable.


    PS It is amazing how often the simplest things (like I.D. badges) will have the greatest results. I love giving people an “ah-ha” moment!

  3. Mike – I see you’ve been crusing the site and have lert a few post on some previous quicktips. If you think the ideas here are great, you will be blown away by going to SFS. You really should check it out.

  4. I agree with you that all service industry workers should wear a nametag!

    I also believe the process of easing someone starts before a technician arrives at a home. When someone books a carpet-cleaning appointment with us, we will let them know who their professional technician will be. We also point them to our website/google+/social media where pictures are clearly present.

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