Cautiously addressing the client in her home

“A man’s home is his castle”?  I don’t think so!  A more accurate version is “A man’s home is his WIFE’S castle!” Remember, a female home owner is VERY nervous with unknown technicians working in her inner sanctum. Your first-time customer is ON EDGE and rightly so!

Focus on calming the common homeowner emotions of fear, vulnerability, suspicion, irritation and even hostility as your workers “invade” her home and you will clean up!  For example…

Never “sneak up” on the customer. Gently call your customer (by her last name) from one room away to announce yourself.

NOTE: This will allow the home owner to pick where they want to meet with you.  At SFS we call this giving the home owner the “Illusion of Control”. For more “Illusion of Control tricks go to the following links:

Asking the customer to accompany you on your Post-Inspection is a wonderful Moment of Truth. Just don’t taint it by bursting into her mental/emotional/physical personal space by startling your client in her kitchen, office area or patio.  (Or even worse the master bedroom suite!)

Lay the groundwork for this final walkthrough on your initial Inspection by letting them know. “Mrs. Jones, when we are all through I’d like to show you how everything turned out and to see if you have any concerns. Where can I find you at?” 


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