The importance of “trust” for carpet cleaners and restoration contractors!

build-trust-with-your-cleaning-customersHere is another great tidbit from one of our SFS Strategic Partners, Chris Gripp and his Sign Warehouse marketing blog:

“Neuromarketing” is the place where brain science and marketing meet.  In recent studies researchers have discovered how to build trust with just two little words:  “Trust me”!

We stumbled across this little gem on the Neuromarketing web site, but the original study can be found here: On the Potential for Advertising to Facilitate Trust in the Advertised Brand by Fuan Li and Paul W. Miniard.

The study showed that adding the simple sentence “You can trust us to do the job for you” to the end of an ad for an auto service firm caused their trust scores to rise by 33%! Check out the break down on other emotions when this “trust phrase” was added:

Fair Price – Up 7%

Caring – Up 11%

Fair Treatment – Up 20%

Quality – Up 30%

Competency – Up 33%

Many business owners feel saying “TRUST ME” should not be needed as their reliability is implied in their reputation and reinforced with their marketing.  However, this study clearly shows that sometimes your customers just need a little “stated reassurance”. This study is interesting because all you are saying is that you are the “right company” for the job because you can be “trusted”.  You are not stating that you will do it better, faster, or cheaper than your competition.

It may seem like a cliche but reminding your prospects you are “trustworthy” brings positive results.  This WILL work for your carpet cleaning or restoration business.  Trust me!


2 thoughts on “The importance of “trust” for carpet cleaners and restoration contractors!”

  1. Wow. What a simple thing to add or change on you web page content – and if you have access to edit your own content on your site it’s a no brainer to give this a try. If your web designer is going to charge you to add a line of content to your site…you need a new web guy or someone else to host. This is such a simple thing to do and not worthy of being charged for. So quick and simple and who knows what it might lead to.

    As Steve says in SFS, try it for 3 weeks…what’s the worst that can happen. If it’s not sucessful, then change your content back to what it was. This is the true beauty of SFS…gems like this that are a quick implement if it’s all you can handle doing right now….or you can get imerse yourself in some of the other techniques/procedures that are more time consuming and require a bit more dedication! There really is someting for everyone.

  2. Thanks, Meg. I’ll echo Meg’s comments on doing your own site updating and adding content. (Which Google loves.) If you don’t yet have a platform picked out I strongly suggest WordPress especially if you are technically challenged like me. (This entire site is done in WordPress and even a dummy like me can add and change content.)


    PS On the other hand, I really STRONGLY recommend using a professional web person to actually build your site. (Nothing worse than a web site that looks like it was designed by a third grader!)

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