Big Brother is watching…

Now more than ever you (and your employees) are “accountable”.  Never forget your clients (and prospective customers) are watching.

Webcams, security systems, 2-way speaker systems (that can be turned on without your techs knowing it), old fashioned front door peepholes and yes, even the neighbors are all watching AND listening!  Sooo…

Your technicians standing at the front door should be very careful what they say and do.  Arrive at the door, ring the bell and above all else keep the conversation (and behavior) professional and neutral.

Remind your employees again and again that Big Brother really is watching.  Many houses have web cams and microphones that you won’t even see.  Or a window simply may be open. Either way- what two techs are joking about could be a huge negative Moment of Truth! (This is also true while working inside the customer’s home as lots of people have baby monitors or intercoms turned on.)

We told our techs instead of constantly trying to calculate if you are being spied on just assume you are and act accordingly!  In this case Big Brother can help you “add accountability” with your employees and everyone wins!

Steve Toburen

PS  So what potential “Home Front” traps do you remind your employees about?

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