Jon-Don’s Nick Paolella honored at Connections

Nick Paolella- we all know and love him.  Fun-loving raconteur, hard-working SFS caterer and head jokemeister, generous patron of charitable causes, supportive father and husband and partner in the industry’s most innovative  distributor- Jon-Don.

Yet on Thursday, September 6th, 2012 Nick acquired yet another title as he was honored with a surprise Lifetime Achievement Award at the Connections Trade Show in Las Vegas.  Jon-Don’s “Big Billy” Yeadon was called to the stage during the awards luncheon and presented a slide show of Nick’s business and life achievements.

Nick was totally taken aback (just check the photos below!) but in true Nick Paolella fashion he rallied with his famous motto that he uses to close every  SFS seminar:  “Avoid doing business with friends but work very hard to make friends out of the people you do business with!”

Then he finished with his famous phrase, “I love each and every one of you!”  Congratulations, Nick, on some well-deserved recognition and yes, “We love you too!”

More about Nick here.

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1 thought on “Jon-Don’s Nick Paolella honored at Connections”

  1. Enjoyed reading and walking through those early days.

    You have always been a great person and a good friend to all, Nick.

    Best of luck to you and your wonderful family.

    Ed Valentine
    cross-American corp.

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