Make the Cheerleader in ONE Minute (Or Less!)

So we focused on consistently creating positive Moments of Truth (MOT’s) from the second your truck arrives on-site. (Actually a GREAT MOT is to be exactly on time!) The magic word to Make the Cheerleader? “Consistency”!

Staying consistent should be easy as an “owner-operator”. Your challenge starts when you add employees! The stories I could tell you on the agonies of being ‘held hostage’ by Marginal Workers!

NOTE: Business is so much easier (and fun) when you have great people on your team. That’s why we developed our 3-hour, online SFS: Hiring the Very Best! LIVE seminar. Click HERE for upcoming dates or to register online. Once you have great employees…

You must now “make it easier to do it right than do it wrong”! How? By giving your techs a step-by-step Service System to follow! For example…

clipboard-reminders-greet-the-customerTape the initial Moments of Truth on their clipboard!

Let’s see just how many great MOT’s we can create in the first minute with the client …

1) Ring bell once. (Listen closely.)

NOTE: If you can hear the door bell OUTSIDE your client can usually hear it INSIDE! Don’t make a negative MOT by ringing the bell again as they desperately are running for the front door! (I learned this one the hard way!)

2) Step back three feet. (Don’t crowd the door.)

3) Your helper should be visible. (And down one step.)

4) Look your customer in the eye and SMILE!

5) Introduce yourself. “Hello, Mrs. _______ . I’m (your full name) with (company name). [Hand the customer your personal company business card.] This is (co-worker’s full name) and he (or she) will be helping me today.”

6) Helper says, “Hi, Mrs. _________.”

7) Hand the customer their free “Lifetime Spotter”. “By the way, here is a free gift from our company- a highly effective spotter to keep your carpets looking beautiful. And you get free replacements for life! Just call our number on the bottle or stop by- there never will be a charge!”

Restoration HINT: The above steps basically are the same for a restoration loss too. But just to make you folks happy HERE is a step-by-step Restoration MOT checklist.

Commercial HINT: Sure. I know you commercial people are more focused on production that MOT’s. (Even though you would be amazed how many negative MOT’s are out there on business accounts!) So to help you out download this Commercial Set-up Checklist!

Oh and by the way! Once you “make it easy” to consistently deliver great MOT’s be sure to “hold your employees accountable”. HERE is how to do it!


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