Smiling is contagious …

smiling contagiousThe fourth day of Jon-Don’s SFS: Business Transformation focuses on one simple employee principle: ‘Make it easier to do it right than to do it wrong’! The challenge? In most ‘complicated companies’ (yours too?) it is easier for workers to ‘do it wrong’!

So instead of a complex step-by-step ‘Residential Moment of Truth’ Checklist how can you keep ‘Making the Cheerleader’ easy? Simple! Remind your techs to …


Simply smiling is the single best sales and marketing technique ever! (I know it is the cheapest!) How to implement ‘smiling’?

#1- ‘Hire the smile’! It’s easy to train new workers technically. So get out there and recruit what I call the Very Best People who SMILE naturally! And then reinforce the need to smile with ‘Value Added Service orientation’.

“But wait, Steve!” you say, “I’m stuck with decent techs that just aren’t outgoing, cheerful people!” So how can you get your ‘sad-sack’ employees on board?

#2- Launch a “smile campaign”!

A) Give away a toothbrush and whitening tooth paste to each employee.

B) Put “smiley face” stickers on each job folder. Place these “smile reminders” in unsuspecting places that will make employees (you guessed it!) smile when they discover them. (Under the toilet seat lid, on chemical lids, inside their pay check envelope, etc.) Most importantly…

C) Set the example! How are your your own personal “smiles”? Not only in how you treat clients, but also in your daily interactions with your employees? So have fun each and every day! And don’t forget to give sincere, public recognition to your staff!

I tell every SFS seminar: “Some of your techs firmly believe that God has given them an allotted number of smiles to use up during their lifetime and when their smiles are all gone … they die!” Your mission? Fight this all-too-common perverted belief! Now where else could I hide a smiley face?

Steve  🙂

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