Reciprocal giving with FREE ‘Lifetime Spotter’

In SFS Training I strongly recommend including a free ‘12 Month Spot and Spill Warranty’ (SSW) with every Scotchgard re-application. Here’s why the SSW warranty is such a great idea!

1. You display your confidence in the Scotchgard treatment by including the SSW for free! Your Scotchgard sales will sky rocket!

2. The SSW adds ‘time dated’ urgency because in 12 months you’ll inform the homeowner, “you’ll be out of warranty on July 15th. But we can renew your ‘Spot and Spill Warranty’ at no charge for another 12 months IF we re-clean and re-apply the Scotchgard finish before then.” No more “carpet cleaning procrastination”!

3. Your customer LOVES the safety of knowing their carpets are ‘protected’ with this free SSW. (Yet our SFS members tell me less than 1 in 100 customers ever USE the SSW!)

QuickTIP Bonus: Here is your free sample “12 Month Spot and Spill Warranty” document.

However, some of my SFS students fret about being on the hook with all these ‘free spotting calls’. But remember, your SSW states customers must try removing the spot first before calling you. No problem because you…

Give ALL clients a free bottle of your custom labeled Lifetime Replacement Carpet Spotter!

Now every time your grateful client (not just your SSW customers) removes a carpet spot or spill they will see your logo/contact information. (Plus they won’t be dumping Resolve on the carpet!)

Remember, 58% of your customers that don’t call you again are gone forever because they forgot your company name and/or lost your contact information! Seriously!

NOTE: CLICK HERE for more tips on how to remind customers who cleaned for them last time! Or even better?  Tie clients to you forever with a contract HERE!

Residential HINT: When pre-inspecting carpets use your Lifetime Spotter to test the homeowner’s worst spot. When it magically cleans up engage in “reciprocal giving” by handing your prospect this spotter bottle while saying: “Please accept this ‘free spotter for life’ just for calling us.” NOTE: Do NOT tie getting the job to this free gift!

Commercial HINT: Ask your commercial clients if you may leave a free Lifetime Spotter on each employee’s desk along with a short note offering a “special discounted home cleaning” courtesy of the company they work for and that you are cleaning!

Restoration HINT: Your custom labeled Lifetime Spotter bottles make great “getting past the gatekeeper gifts” in adjuster’s and agent’s offices.

WHY do the above ideas work so well? Because they are all based on ‘reciprocity’! I love this ‘reciprocal giving’ concept so much I even did a video on it HERE. Enjoy!


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